Wednesday, 16 April 2014

7 postcards from ... Russia :)

Ciao guys :)
How is going?

Easter is in the air, yesterday I came back home. My house is full of Easter eggs, chocolate and "colombe" (typical italian cakes that we eat during Easter time). I'm gaining weight just looking at them!

I really love white chocolate so my mum bought for me this one:
I'm happy like a child :D 

Well, today it's the turn of RUSSIA. 

When I think about Russia, it always comes to my mind the cold but, on the other hand, I always think of the high degree of charm that has this country.

The postcards that I got are very different from each other.


A classical touristic card from Moscow that represents the Saint basil's Cathedral. It is located in Red Square in Moscow and now it is a museum. There are some legends about this cathedral. One of them says that the architects who built this cathedral were blinded by the Zar so that it can never reproduce a similar work. Well probably it's true, it's amazing, I guess that a live view is breathtaking!


The first one is an old pic of the Red Square and the second one is the main building of Moscow State University. It was founded in 1755 and it is the largest and the oldest university in Russia.


I laughed a lot when I received this postcard. I requested a postcard from Sochi for the Olympics and Kseniya sent me this wonderful postcard that she made by herself. Funny, isn't it? :D


These are very particular and really nice cards so different from touristic cards. When I will get a card from each country of the world I will start to collect these kind of postcards! The second one was made buy a 11 yo guy, so cute! 

Do you know which is one of the traditional russian Easter sweet? The Kulic that is prepared by mixing the butter and sugar or cottage cheese. Carefully drying the cake for a few days in a crock pot, the Russians decorate with candied fruit or dried fruit and serve it at the party. 
They also use hitting each other with colored eggs. The winner is the one whose egg is not broken. He takes all the eggs :D

So do you have some particular tradition in your country?

Wishing you a great time :-*

See you,
Giuliana ^_^


  1. What a sweet and lovely post! :D
    In Portugal, beside the chocolate eggs, we have almonds covered with sugar or chocolate. And we have various traditional cakes, my favorites are the "Folar" and the "Ninho" (nest in english). The Ninho is so delicious with egg cream and sometimes with peach and it looks like a bird nest ;)
    Have a sweet Easter! :*

    1. :P We also have something like that :D
      I have the mouth watering!

      Have a sweet Easter too <3