Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter from Salerno


How are you guys? Are you ready for Easter?

I'm going to have a very yummy lunch with my family :P

These days at home have flown, I'm coming back in Milan on monday morning!

Well, my posts have always concerned about places far away from me but today I want to talk about Salerno, my hometown, that I left about 4 and a half years ago to go to study in Milan.

It is a very lovely city located in the south-western of Italy. It is quite close to the Amalfi Coast and is an important tourist destination in the Campania region. It's famous for being the first location in the world to have a Medicine University, "Schola Medica Salernitana".
Do you know that it was the capital city for 6 months? :D Lots of people are proud of this fact!
There is a wonderful seafront promenade, you can walk there, relax and/or just enjoy the so beautiful landscape.

Yesterday I was there and I took this shoot:

Love it!

I wanna show you also a postcard:

So cute, isn't it?

For food lovers there is also lots of delicious food: the real buffalo mozzarella, good pizza and ice cream, the famous "limoncello" that, for who doesn't know, is a lemon liqueur mainly produced in the Amalfi coast and also in Naples area, and many other yummy plates.

Wishing you a great Easter day!



  1. nice way to portray the hobby :)

  2. Read it, and already I want to Salerno. Limončėlo had to be savoured, I enjoyed it.In the House there is still half the bottle.
    Decided that next year we going to Italy !

    1. Awesome Vidas! I'm glad that you'd like to visit my country!
      Have a nice day :)