Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bye bye April!

Hi dear friends,
how is going?

Today I can't comprehend the fact that another month is over, but why time goes so fast?
It seems like yesterday when at my house, as every year, me and my boyfriend with the help of my sisters, prepare dinner for new year's eve. What a ritual! We enjoy it a lot and every year we prepare something different and original! :P You're all welcome on december 31st around 7pm :D

Today I'm not going to show you cards about countries or cities but I wanna show you this so cute card that I got through from Germany:

Cute, isn't it? I enjoy myself thinking about what he has seen so appetizing. Maybe a nice little mouse in the flesh :D 

I really like cats, they are so refined, shrewd, independent. I love their eyes, especially at night when they look like two giant balls. 
But, I have a weakness for dogs. I see them more outgoing and playful, they are more cuddly and wants to be filled with care. 
Not that a cat is not all that, but it is more difficult to find cats with these characteristics.

I have a dog, he isn't a breed one, my dad brought me because a dog in the yard where he works had many puppies :D

These are two pics of him, when he arrived and one of last year:

I love him, his name is Willy ;)  Look in the second photo as he obeys and fixes the cookie I have in my hand :D That astute!

Have a nice day guys!



  1. I love cats and I have one. He is really silly, playful and doesn't like to be alone hahaha
    Your dog is soooo cuteeee!
    You are right, time does fly, One more month and we will be in summer!
    Big hugs,
    Andreia :*

    1. You have to send me a pic of your kitty :)
      Can't wait summer ;)

      Hugs to you :*

  2. I also really love the dogs for their friendship and loyalty.
    While your puppy is very very nice!
    Day after tomorrow I'm going to Greece for 10 days.
    A nice weekend!

    1. Ciao Vidas! Ty so much :)
      Oh that's great, enjoy it!

      Have great time!