Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Paris, how beautiful you are!

Ciao :D

it has been a while since I wrote, how are you?

I had a new experience last week: I went to Paris for an "In-company training" program in two different companies, Lactalis and VivaSanté.
I really had fun and it was very interesting!

I didn't have too much time to visit the city but I saw the main places/monuments. It was better than my expectations. Everyone sais that Paris is a beautiful city but I couldn't really imagine so much beauty.

Well as you can imagine I bought some postcards :D

Nice monuments, big green places to have walk, nice atmosphere, good food, everything in one city.

I feel tired and I wanna show you some pictures that I took there. These are my favourite ones.

Have you ever been in Paris? Which is your favourite place/monument?

Have a nice week guys!

All the best,


  1. *sigh* Paris.. I've been there 3 times in different years and always for a short time. I loved everything but I got chills when I entered the Louvre for the first time! I hope to come back soon and visited what I missed :)
    Beautiful postcards and even more beautiful photos! :D

    Big hugs :*

  2. I entered in the Louvre but it was too late to visit it :(
    Ty Andy :)


  3. Very beautiful photos and views :)