Monday, 3 March 2014

Time to celebrate! :)

Ciao! :D

how are you guys?

Monday is a day that, more or less, we all hate a little bit! It's the day on which start again the usual monotony after the short break of the weekend.
It's still raining in Milan but the forecasts are encouraging, there should be sunny for some days from Thursday ;)

This week will be very busy, I will have to work a little bit and study and on Thursaday I will be in Rome just for one day!
In exactly one week I will be in Paris for a few days :) I'm gonna getting excited! :D

Well, why the name of the post of today is "Time to celebrate"? Because, with the postcards that I received today (3 of them) I arrived to "quota" 102 :) I got over the 100 postcards.
For me it's a great achievement, I never expected that in such a short time, I would be able to collect all these postcards!
I'm really very happy!

And, I want to celebrate this day with a nice postcard that I got some days after St.Valentine. Vidas, a guy from Lithuania, sent me this very lovely postcard :D 

What is more beautiful than love?

Besides talking in the narrow sense of love between two people, I mean love in general, love for a friend, to a sport, to a true passion.

So, I'm experiencing, thanks to all those who have sent me, that are sending me and that will send me postcards, a new type of love, became almost obsession, in a good way of course.

I wanna leave you a quote that I like a lot:

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” 

Robert A. Heinlein

Wish you a great week!

See you soon,


  1. God, I miss Rome and Paris!! I think I will never go tired of visit them. Congratulations for the postcard number 100!! This obsession always starts small and when you know it you want all of them hahaha
    Have a great week and enjoy Rome and Paris! Take lots of pictures ;)
    Big Hugs :*

  2. Ciao Andreia :) ty so much! I will, I'm also a pictures addicted hahaha
    Have a great week too!

    Good night :*

  3. I am glad that, like a postcard.A good trip to Rome and Paris.

  4. Grazie Vidas :D And thanks again for the other postcards!! I'm so happy!

  5. Your blog is very nice,I have many,many postcards...perhaps you'll like to swap!

    1. Ciao Tortue, thank you so much! You're very nice. It would be nice! Where are you from?
      This is my email address:


  6. Beautiful collection.Bon voyage.Hope you travel much more and collect a lot of beautiful postcards and memory ;).Best wishes-Kiran.

    1. Ciao Kiran :) thank you for your comment! Wish to travel more! Collecting postcards from all over the world is a way to travel for me! ;)
      Have a great week!