Thursday, 6 March 2014

The traditional dance of Betawi

Ciao a tutti :)

How are you?

It is already Thursady, time flies so fast!
I'm preparing to go to Rome, I will have the train in a couple of hours. Rome is a very beautiful city!
I'm going to meet also my cousin but I won't have time to visit nothing since I'm going there for work!

Very nice and sunny day in Milan, in Rome I will find the same weather! ;) Spring is in the air!

Well today I'm flying to Indonesia :D Sun, amazing beaches, hot weather, relax are the words that make me think of this beautiful country so far away from me.

This postcard isn't a place but a part of the local culture: a traditional dance called Betawi. This name is also the name of the local people and it derived from the name "Batavia", the old colonial name of Jakarta.

In my opinion these costumes are very unique and colorful!

Erika is the girl that sent me this card :) 

Here is a video if you wanna watch a bit of this dance: 

Short post to show you this piece of Indonesia :)

Have a great day guys!


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