Tuesday, 18 February 2014

A special post for Ukraine

Ciao guys,

just came back in Milan.

My weekend was very nice with my family :) How was yours?

Well, these are two postcards that I got from Ukraine:

The first one is from the capital city Kiev (or Kyiv) and, in particular, the postcard represents the Monument of Independence.
Independence Square is one of three squares located along Khreshchatyk close to the northeastern end of the street. It is situated close to European Square, which is the terminal end of Khreshchatyk.
Maria, the girl that sent me this postcard, said me that Ukrainians used to unite there for their country to be free, prosperous and with european values of democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech and movement. She truly believe in that! The statue represents a woman in Ukrainian national costume on a 40 meter column.

The second one represents little shots from many different cities:
Mukacheve, Kerch, Sebastopol, Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Sambir.

* Mukacheve is located in southwestern of the country. The city is now a rail terminus and highway junction, and has beer, wine, tobacco, food, textile, timber and furniture industries. On the postcard there is the Palanok Castle located on a former 68 metre high volcanic hill. It has of 130 different rooms with a complex system of underground passages connecting them together. Upper left there is also represented The Town Hall considered the splendid ensemble's gem of the city.

* Kerch is considered to be one of the most ancient cities in Ukraine. On the picture there is the Yenikale fortress, that was built by Ottoman Turks in 1699–1706. The fortress occupied area of 25,000 m² and had two powder-magazines, arsenal, water reservoir, living houses, bath-house and mosque.

* Sebastopol is the second largest port in Ukraine. The Inkerman Monastery of St.Clement represented on the postcard, is a cave monastery in a cliff rising. It was founded in 1850 on the where the relics of St. Clement were kept.

* Kyiv the capital city. The Saint Andrew's Church is a major baroque church located in the city. It was constructed in 1747–1754, to a design by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Isn't nice? :)

* Kamianets-Podilskyi is a city on the Smotrych River in western Ukraine. This city has a big castle and its foundations were built using limestone. That's not strange? It seems so majestic!

* Sambir is a city of wester Ukraine. In 1668, a town hall was built here, and in the early 18th century, the local church was remodelled.

Thanks to Oksana for this postcard!
All seems very nice places. What do you think?

Before concluding, I would show you this video about the really sad situation that the country is experiencing.

Share it!

It's time to go bed here!

Have a great week,

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