Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Vancouver, what a lovely place!

Hi guys,
how are you?

Another post, two in one day is too much, I'm having lots of free time!

It's still raining here in Milan, I really can't take it anymore! I look forward to the spring, I hate the rain!

Well, today it's the turn of Vancouver, the city where I spent 3 months for an internship experience. I had such a great time. I met lots of wonderful people, I saw breathtaking views.

I really enjoyed my stay there. I'd like to come back.

The only downside of this city is the rain, it's very rainy, sometimes people call it "Raincouver", but I was lucky, not too much rain during my stay ;) Yeah for me!

Are you ready for such a lovely card?

Here it is, a piece of Vancouver Downtown. My office was so close to this area!

Unike as I thought, Vancouver isn't the capital city of British Columbia but is one of the largest Canadian cities. Compared to European cities, it is very young! There is nothing that has more than hundreds of years. It is located on the sea but is less than half an hour from the mountains, that makes it so fascinating!
It is also one of Canada's warmest cities.

Isabelle is the girl that sent me this postcard, I didn't have chance to meet her in person, what a shame!
Maybe next time ;)

So, what do you think about Vancouver? I fell in love with her the first day!

Before greeting you, I wanna show you a short video, a collection of some pictures of my experience.
I heard that song for the first time there. I hope you will like it!

See you soon,


  1. Nice post and I enjoed the video as well. It seems like you had great time in Canada!

    1. Ty Elille for your comment :) I'm glad you appreciated it! I really had great time :)