Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Let's start!

Hi there,

greetings from Milan, Italy.
It' Giuliana, a girl that, like lots of people, loves to travel.

It's raining right now, it's a typical day to stay in the bed drinking a tea or an hot chocolate and watching a movie or reading a good book.

Let's start to explain you the reason of this blog!

Just few months ago, when I was in Vancouver for an intership, I had the idea to start to collect postcards from all over the world. Well, I really started in January and in a month I collected already 28 of them: Sidney, Bangkok, Belgrade, Riga, Warsaw, Madrid, Bruxelles, Tirana...Not bad ;)

Whenever I get a postcard is like to travel for a moment in that city, besides the fact that the thought over it makes me smile. Thinking that a person who I don't know for a minute of his life thought about what to write for me on a postcard, is something that makes me happy.

Through this blog I simply want to show you all the postcards that I got and I will get (if you want, you can send me a postcard from your place :P) and some thoughts about travelling. I also want that, for a while, you can travel with your imagination!

I know that there are lots of blogs about this topic but I hope that you will find mine a bit interesting!

Any comment and thought will be appreciated :)



  1. Very friendly and nice person. It was nice to exchange a postcard with you, thank you again for your beutiful postcard, I really like it!:)

    1. Ciao Vidas,
      ty so much for your comment and for being so kind!
      I really like yours too! :D

      Take care!

  2. yay!...awwsss..we had the same love for postcard..im too a member of postcrossing and I have a blog too same as yours www.postcardlover.com hahaha...what a coincidence..i was actually trying to check if someone in blogspot flatform owns this postcardlover and I find this. I was thinking of giving up my postcardlover domain and transfer it to blogspot...sadly you own it already..anyway nice meeting you here.
    my postcrosser username is Shengkay