Wednesday, 26 February 2014

From Minsk with love

Ciaoooo!! :D

How is going?

I'm very well, I'm studying and I'm so happy, guess why? Today I got 18 postcards :)) I live in a dorm school and there is the doorman. He called my room and said me: "Bring your bag with you!"
I was receiving 3-4 postcards per time and I couldn't imagine to receive 18 postcards at the same time!! I really can't explain how I felt.
I became the "postcards girl" :D Love it!

Well, I got these postcards maybe last week, they are from Minsk, Belarus.
Elena, a lovely girl, sent me 4 of them and one of them it's so funny, 10 things to do in Belarus written in italian. So nice!

1. The square of Independence: independence from Germans after the victory in the Second World War. In the past it was called the Lenin Square and there's still a huge Lenin statue there. The red building is the Cathedral of St.Simon and Alena, where Elena goes to listen some organic music concerts.

2. View of the Upper Town: the central part of Minsk. The river goes across all the city and she said that it is very picturesque, surraunded by many beautiful parks that are favourite places of the citizens for walks and rest.

3. The Victory Square: she lives 15 minutes from here. It is a square devoted to the warriors of the Second World war. About 1/3 of Belarus population was killed during the war. 
That's so sad! :(

4. 10 things to do in Belarus: - eat the Narocianski bread - visit the Medieval Castle - stay at an estate - eat a lot of draniki (fritters) - visit the National Library - feed a bison - wear a dress made ​​of 100% flax - enjoy the scenery on the banks of one of the 11,000 lakes - drink Krambambul, a local beverage - and come to visit it again! :D

Thank you so much Elena!

Hope you like this post! Leave a commentttt :D

Big hugs,


  1. Your passion is outstanding. I have read your blog all in one breath. It's amazing. You have collected a lot of postcard in just a few weeks. Congratulation. :D

    1. Ciao Antonio, ty so mych for your comment! I'm glad you appreciate! :D

  2. Postcards Girl!! :D
    Wow 18 postcards in one day is a record! These postcards are really beautiful and the one in italian is really nice :)
    Someday you have to bring more than a bag to your doorman hahaha

    1. Hey Andy :) hahaha it was very funny, I will come with a big box ;D